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Aluminium To End The Dominance Of PVCu?

Aluminium will erode PVCu dominance

If you take a look at all the latest data, wherever you get your industry reports from, you’ll see how fast the growth in aluminium sales and fabrication is, and how sustained the decline is in PVCu fabrication.

Aluminium bi-folding doors and sliders are boosting growth in the aluminium window market. At the start of the resurgence of residential aluminium, it was led firmly by bi-folding doors and sliders. Since then, roots in the market become deep and strong, with aluminium windows quickly growing more popular.

That popularity seems to be contained to the upper part of the market, for now. I am seeing evidence of it bleeding through into wider parts of the market, not classically upper end, and I think that trend over the longer term will continue.

I also think more and more of the market believes that this is the direction the sector is going in. It almost feels like there is a rush to join the aluminium bandwagon now before it becomes too full and the early opportunities have gone. So many fabricators are pushing aluminium now, and installers are doing the same. Social media advertising is crammed full of aluminium products, with some brand new companies appearing that only deal exclusively in aluminium.

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